How do I become a member of the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons?

Your purchase of a life insurance or annuity certificate enrolls you as a member of the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons (ATS). Life insurance applicants are subject to the standard underwriting procedures of the ATS. You may contact the ATS Home Office or a Local Branch Deputy for detailed information on plans and rates. You may look up life insurance rates online located in our Life Insurance Rate Schedules.

What are the Membership Requirements?

Applicants for Alliance beneficial membership must be of good character and qualify for membership under one of the following conditions:

  1. Be of Transylvanian Saxon birth or a descendant thereof.
  2. Be of German birth or a descendant thereof.
  3. Be married to a Saxon or German descendant thereof.
  4. If other than the above, applicant must agree to support the preservation of the ethnic and cultural goals outlined in the Alliance Constitution and By-Laws.
  5. All applicants who qualify under the above for ATS membership also qualify for membership in an ATS local Branch.

How do I Change my Beneficiary(ies)?

To change the beneficiary(ies), the certificate owner may call, send a letter, fax or email the ATS Home Office requesting a Change of Beneficiary Form. Be sure to include the insured’s name, certificate number, and address. Or you can print a Change of Beneficiary Form.

How do I notify you of a name change?

To change your last name on your certificate due to marriage or divorce, the certificate owner may request a Change of Name Form by calling, send a letter, fax or email. Include the insure’s original name, certificate number, address and new name. You may also print the Name Change Form.

Complete and sign the form and return it to the ATS Home Office along with the original certificate. We will record the name change on the certificate and return it to you. Or if you do not send the certificate, we will send you a copy of the recorded form to be attached to your contract.

If you are changing the name on a child’s certificate, we require a copy of the court order or adoption papers showing the change.

How do I notify you that my address has changed?

You may complete the Change of Address form that is printed in the Saxon News Volksblatt and send it to the ATS Home Office. Or the certificate owner may call the ATS Home Office, send a letter, email or fax requesting the change. Be sure to include the insured’s name, certificate number, old address and new address.

This change will affect your certificate account as well as the address for the Saxon News Volksblatt.

How do I file a Death Claim?

Contact the ATS Home Office by telephone or email. We require the name of the insured person, his/her certificate number and date of birth. Also, include the name, address and phone number of contact person. A Statement of Beneficiary Form will be mailed to the beneficiary (ies) for completion.

  • The signature of the Beneficiary/ies named on this Form is required.
  • Signature of Beneficiary/ies must be verified by Notary Public or Impartial Witness.
  • A Certified Death Certificate must be furnished with this application. (The Death Certificate will not be returned to you.) The Insurance or Annuity Certificate must be sent along with this application. In the event the original certificate cannot be located, a Certificate of Release Form will be sent to the beneficiary for signature and signature of a Notary or impartial witness.
  • For Annuity benefits, each Beneficiary must complete and sign a W-4P Form (enclosed).
  • The Social Security number is required for reporting of the Annuity payment to the IRS at year-end.

What if I lose my Life Insurance or Annuity Certificate?

If you lose your certificate, send a letter or email to the ATS Home Office stating that the Certificate is lost. You must include the insured’s name, certificate number, date of birth and address. We will issue a duplicate certificate.

What is the difference between face value and cash value of Life Insurance?

Face value is the value that would be received by the beneficiary upon the death of the insured. Cash value is the amount that will be received if the insured surrenders/cashes in the certificate.

What is the difference between primary and contingent beneficiaries?

The primary beneficiary is the person, or persons or organization that you wish to receive the funds upon your death. The contingent beneficiary(ies) is the person or persons or organization that will receive the funds only upon the death of all primary beneficiaries.

Can I make payments on my life insurance and annuity electronically?

Yes, you must complete an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form which instructs the ATS to deduct a specific amount due from your checking/savings account. You may discontinue participation in the autopay service at any time by informing the ATS in writing.